Sublime Carrot Soup

Nikki gets to go to all of the awesome vegan restaurants when she travels for work. We get the benefit of her take on what was good, and it challenges me to be better at what I do!!!!
This was a work related project for Nikki, to make a soup from the Sublime cookbook as a preview for cookbook for PCRM. It is a Carrot Ginger Soup with coconut milk and fennel seed. There were a few ingredients that I did not have, fennugreek, whats that?!?!?!!?
As I have said before I am not a recipe guy..... I have a hard time keeping track of ingredients is frustrating!!! This soup was surprisingly simple and was very delicious. Everything was cooked until soft then into the Vita Mix it went, the color was truly stunning!!!!
I knew the kids would be turned off by the color, even though they both love carrots!!! I made grilled Follow your Heart cheese sandwiches with Tofurkey to go with the soup. Please double click on the photo below to get see the fantastic color and detail. We will make this again!!!!

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Mary said...

Based on the ingredients, the soup sounds delicious!

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