Farm Fresh Soup and Salad

I love the early part of summer, everything is green it is warm, but not hot, and there is loads of good local produce. When you are vegan this is a really special time of the year!!!!!
All of the ingredients for this meal came from the Rolling Prairie farm collective.
From some reason I was one of those weird kids that really liked veggies, and asparagus was one of my favorites, I like it grilled, roasted, stir fried, steamed, raw and in soup.
I made asparagus soup, with shitake mushrooms, and green onions. I cut up the asparagus, mushrooms, and onions and covered with water and simmered until just soft. Then I put them in the Vita Mix and pureed. I did add a bit of No Chic Bullion and black pepper. The soup tasted great, but I over pureed so it was a little too frothy!!!!

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I also received a big bunch of radishes, so I sliced them and added green onion. I dressed with lime juice and olive oil, wow it was great. The radishes are super crunchy this year, it must be form all of the rain!!!

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