First Florida Corn

Growing up I always looked forward to the first corn of the summer and it usually disappointed. Growing up in South Eastern Idaho was not the first stop for the best produce, we were lucky to get iceberg lettuce, onions, and believe it or not we had more potatoes than you could shake a stick at!!!! When I moved to Boulder in the late 80's I started seeing Indian River sweet corn in high end restaurants. This corn was only available for a few weeks in the spring, but it was extremely crisp and sweet! I can remember one night after a busy shift the kitchen staff boiled up a whole case of the Indian River corn and we ate it all, man it was good. Well I have to say that the corn in these pictures was just as good. I did not see it advertised as Indian River and I picked it up at the local discount grocery, 3 ears for a dollar, it was awesome. I am usually a big proponent of eating local, but local corn is at least 2 months away, and it just looked too good.
I made Gimme Lean burgers, and sliced red new potatoes, that I baked with garlic and black pepper.
Carter really enjoyed his corn, finally getting a hang of the cob!!!!

Teaching Sofi(the Berner) how to eat corn on the cob, she got the hang of it pretty quickly. Tucker(the Lab) just wants to take it away and rub it all over the carpet.

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