Don't be Alfredo!!! It's vegan!!!

Man... I miss the 1980's. Being young... no responsibilities(aka kiddos)... Back to The Future Movies.... kick @sS electronic music.... and all you can eat pasta bars!!!!!!
Man noodles were cool, pasta was king, sauces were liquid gluttony!!!
I had the good fortune to work in some pretty outstanding restaurants in the 80's and 90's and got to experience a range from Contemporary American renditions of of European classics to working in a very polished northern Italian place complete with a cleaver wielding maniac chef from Florence, Italy. He taught me how to make Farfalle alla Brava and Capellini Alla Checca(I will divulge those secrets another day)
I have always been a noodle snob and being vegan has made it easier for me to not have to order pasta at a restaurant, because I am not easy to please when it comes to pasta!!!
The sauce must match the pasta!!!!!! This sauce is basically the same as my Mac N No Cheese recipe - minus the carrots(or the sauce would look like cheddar) and I add extra garlic, white wine and black pepper. This sauce has a big flavor, is thick, and goes well with regular spaghetti - linguine, or fettuccine. Green onions are nice garnish, but chopped capers would have been better.
The salad was basically red leaf lettuce and Annie's Goddess Dressing, we bought a big, giant bottle at Costco, and it took 3.5 months to use it all. Honestly though it is one of my all time favorite dressings!!
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