CSA Bounty Meals... you never know what you will get!

I love summertime and the bounty of the farmers market and the weekly Rolling Prairie CSA veggie pick up. I usually go to the farmers market at least one week night and on Saturdays. Generally speaking the offerings at the farmers market are pretty much tied to is ready and most of the vendors have similar items. But not all veggies are created equal, some vendors work harder to produce their bounty and you can see the dedication on their faces and in how they respect what they are sharing.
I try to spend at least $20 per farmers market trip, which is spread around to the various vendors I have come to know over the years.
The Rolling Prairie CSA is a different deal... there are some choices, but you get what they bring. I love the fact that they bring things that I would never imagine buying on my own, and in some cases things I have never seen. This year we have been getting Parslane, which is great in salads and has some interesting medicinal benefits.
The bounty of Rolling Prairie is shown in these pictures, a salad with Russian Kale, Asian Cucumber, Tomatoes, Green Chili (Anaheim), and the Fava Beans were from a can. We also had corn on the cob, and boiled new potatoes. It was not a typical meal for us but everything was fresh and vibrant.
I will be doing some posts soon with all of the magnificent chilies that I am able to get locally. There is a wide variety that can be prepared and stored used all year.

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Erin said...

Your salad sounds great! I discovered purslane at the farmer's market last fall, but haven't had any yet this year.

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