Vegan Chorizo Tofu Scramble and Oven Browns

There are times when I could eat nothing but breakfast for a week!!!
So simple, so tasty, and so easy!!!
This was actually a dinner meal:
  • Scrambled tofu with soy choriso
  • Oven hash browns, frozen hash browns with a touch of oil, garlic powder, onion powder and salt, baked on parchment at 400 until browned.
  • Warm tortillas.
When I was growing up and as a young adult, going out for breakfast was one of my most favorite things to do, getting up early, hot coffee, warm and savory breakfast made to order.
Nikki has been vegetarian as long as I have known her and so early in our relationship and marriage, breakfast was a meal that we could easily enjoy together. The shift to veganism really hit hard in the breakfast department because it took out some of the key ingredients that defined breakfast for us.

Eggs, Cheese, Butter, Milk, and Cream

At the beginning it was hard to come to grips with the idea that 99% of menu items at breakfast places are not vegan.... so basically we did not go out for breakfast anymore. We did some experimenting that yielded some not so awesome substitutes.
We have had some great vegan breakfast meals while traveling, but in general breakfast at a restaurant is not something that is easy to veganise.
A few years ago a small Co-op restaurant opened and started doing vegan breakfast on the weekends, we went there and it was so incredible to be able to go somewhere and have a vegan meal that was tasty, simple and fresh. They offered pancakes, french toast, scrambled tofu, and breakfast potatoes. Unfortunately the Co-op restaurant did not last long, but in some ways offered the hope that maybe there would be others in the future.
We have a "formal" breakfast meal a few times a month and it is just as good or better than anything you could find in a restaurant(including non vegan restaurants). But there is something lost when you have to make it yourself.... I miss being in a space with other sleepy people enjoying their first meal of the day. I am looking forward to taking a trip in the fall and finding a vegan breakfast place.... I hope their tofu scramble is as good as mine!
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