Vegan Roti and Curry Cauliflower

Nikki really likes Indian food.... so do I but I tend to be recipe adverse so light curries tend to be as far as I go.
We go to a couple of places in Kansas City every once in a while to get her a FIX.
Nikki wanted Indian one night so she settled on curried cauliflower with edamame. She prepped everything and worked on cooking the cauliflower. She also made vegan roti (Indian flat bread), and formed the dough balls and then flattened. I did the roti cooking. I really enjoy when she takes on a recipe, she is focused and I work to be her kitchen helper.. its fun!!! She does not give herself enough credit for her cooking skills, she really does a great job!!!

Two heads of cauliflower in the big pan, with onions, garlic, curry, and edamame.

The finished product served with roti, and brown rice. The kids tend to be more adventurous with Nikki's cooking over mine.... They loved the cauilflower, but were not thrilled with the edamame.
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