Chocolate Nut Bombs, Kid Eating Green Stuff and Farmers Market Stew

I rarely make desserts.... honestly I do not really like sweets, but once in a while I go there and it's not pretty....
This is a simple chocolate nut log unit:
sesame seeds
sunflower seeds
I toasted then added raw sugar about a 1/4 cup per cup of nut mix, added cinnamon and nutmeg. When the sugar melted I turned off the heat and stirred in chocolate chips and scooped into a muffin tin. The final result was like those mall nuts, covered in chocolate! Quite tasty!!!

A funny picture of Carter eating pea shoots... HA HA HA

This was a stew from farmers market finds:
Fresh potatoes
Little carrots
And Tofurky Bratwurst
Simple decent and delicious!!!!

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nicole. said...

Chocolate Nut Bombs?!? could you send me a quintal of it? pleaseeee!!! :-)

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Anonymous said...

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