Seitan Ribs

I am catching up before the end of the year in posting some highlights of our fantastic meals that have not made it onto SHIFT vegan yet.
The summer here in Kansas is pretty hot and sticky and everyone is out in the evening grilling. We try to grill once in a while but honestly there are only a few items I like to grill, most of the time a hot oven does the same thing, but we are always up for trying some thing new.
This was an idea that Nikki saw on the Fat Free vegan website, she made the seitan ribs and I grilled them with my own bbq sauce. The ribs were backed in advance and then finished on the grill.
I grilled peppers, yellow squash and sweet onions. To finish the plate off I made coconut rice. The coconut rice was simply steamed rice with half a can of lite coconut milk, a 1/4 teaspoon of curry, a dash of garlic powder and salt.
The final product was very good, there is something about charred food that is primal and satisfying. We ate them all up, and we really need to make them again. Of course by the time we finished putting this meal together the fat freeness had been pushed to the side, but it was worth the extra long walk afterwords.

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