Vegan Chili Burgers

I like the challenge of pulling a last minute dinner winner together!!! The other night I was faced with two choices. Chili or burgers!!! DUH... make chili burgers!!! When I was a kid this was one of my favorite meals!!!
This seems like one of those things that would be hard to make but it is not.  I made a basic three can chili - recipe, then I made Gimme Lean Burgers. I placed the patties on toasted white bread, smothered with chili, topped with chopped onions, Rotel, and avocado. We sprinkled Daiya Cheddar on top and served with fries.
Boy oh boy this hit the spot... THEN WE WENT TO THE GYM!!!

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Mihl said...

Mmmm, that would be perfect right now!

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