Vegan Green Chili with New Potatoes

I love green chili.... but with kids it is hard to dedicate a whole afternoon of preparation and then have to make something else for them. Over the years I have come up with some variations that work, this is one of them.
First I boil 2 pounds of new potatoes until the are just starting to soften then I add:
1 can organic corn
1 can green chili encilada sauce
1 can of diced green chili
3 cups of NO chic broth or veggie stock
Salt to taste
1/2 teaspoon cumin
Then I cut up tomatoes, pablano peppers, and cilantro to garnish. I often serve green chili with warm corn tortillas.
This week I am planning to do a Colombian soup with a herbed tomato coconut milk broth.... I can hardly wait.
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